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Family & relationship issues impacting athletic performance, including: 

  • Emotionally or financially abusive personal relationships; over-involved/enmeshed family relationships that may cause tension or conflict between athletes and/or coaching/training staff

  • We will locate & confidentially screen appropriate individual/family, or mental health counseling (including eating disorders or substance abuse) services


On Court & Field Issues: 

  • Fear of winning (anxiety due to internal pressures; competing against long term friends or former teammates/ partners) 

  • Fear of failure  (anxiety due to potential financial consequences for family; competing against high ranking/celebrity athletes, or competing against opponents engaging in ‘gamesmanship’)

  • Channeling OCD habits causing game/match delays and time penalty violations 

  • Managing behavior on & off court and field (verbal & nonverbal) which may fuel/recharge opponents (eg., developing the “poker game face" vs. displaying  ‘bravado' or disposition of anger/defeat)

  • Competing on new levels (i.e., career transitions,  eg., collegiate/elite junior level play to professional level competition, and/or moving up in ranks; playing higher skilled players or teams)

We are fully credentialed counseling and sports professionals in our respective fields.


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We help renew your game.
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